How-To Use the NCPP App for Conference

Posted by National Association of Charitable Gift Planners on Sep 27, 2017 7:30:00 AM

The National Conference on Philanthropic Planning (NCPP) is quickly approaching and CGP has created an app for the conference to provide attendees with session schedules, speaker information, speaker papers, access to affinity group Q&A, sponsor and exhibitor information and more. 

There are a few best practices on how-to use the NCPP app to get the most out of your conference experience. 

Step 1: Create Your Profile


Once you login to the app, you will be prompted to create a profile. Here you will put your name, credentials, job title and organization. You can manually enter this information or connect your LinkedIn profile to auto-fill the information. It is also encouraged to add social networks, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Profile information is visible to other NCPP attendees and help increase networking. 

The "About" section on the bottom left holds information such as the Affinity group you identify with. The "Activity" section shows an overview of your updates - from statuses to selfies. The "Network" section shows a list of other NCPP attendees you have chosen to follow, and attendees that follow you. All these profile features can help create talking points and increase connections. 

While in the app, you can always access your profile by clicking the profile picture in the top left corner. 


Step 2: Explore App Features

The bottom white navigation bar remains the same throughout all your app interactions. This is the main navigation bar and shows: "Activity," "Notifications," "Sponsors," "Exhibitors" and "More". 


The "More" button leads to you the rest of the app navigation. This navigation bar includes:


MenuNCPPApp.jpgThere are three channel posting options to help foster attendee conversation. Post what you are most excited to learn about, weigh in on industry trends and share your takeaways in this section. 


This section is for direct messaging between attendees. You can select the "Messages" page to access messages sent to you. Once in the messaging area, you can press the white "+" in the top right to create a new message to another NCPP attendee. 


Browse through conference sessions and see what peaks your interest! If you would like to add a conference session to your personal agenda, just press the calendar icon on the right of the session title. Any sessions added to your agenda can be viewed at a glance when you select the"My Agenda" tab at the top. The session descriptions in the app have speaker information and the PDF of the speaker paper.

"Travel Info"

Get information on Baltimore, the Hilton Baltimore Hotel and Airport Transportation on this tab. This information can also be found here on the NCPP event website. 



Search the Speaker Directory to learn more about this year's NCPP speakers. When you click on a speaker, it takes you to a page with their name, occupation, biography and sessions they will present. 

"Speaker Papers"

Here you can access PDF's of all the speaker papers that will be presented at NCPP. 


At NCPP, you'll have an opportunity to meet people who work for organizations like yours during affinity group sessions. You can submit topics you'd like to discuss in those sessions, or questions for your nearest peers, using the Q&A section in the conference app. 

Select "Selfie Contest Rules" to find out how you can win a new FitBit by posting selfies with exhibitors in the NCPP app. Select "Photo Feed" to see a gallery of all the photos posted by attendees throughout the conference. Select "Map" to get a diagram of the exhibit hall and see you where to find your favorite exhibitors. The "Map" even has a feature where you can get directions to this exhibitor from your exact location. Select "Freebies" to see what giveaway and prize opportunities are available from our conference exhibitors. Select "Attendees" to see what colleagues, and future connections, are also attending the conference. 


Step 3: Start Engaging


Browse the activity feed and see what your colleagues are up to, then post a status of your own! To post a status, you will want to be on the "Activity" page.


Once on this page, you will click the compose icon on the top right, it will bring you to the screen where you can post a status.

Tell other attendees what you are most excited about, post a selfie with exhibitors to win prizes and share other conference highlights throughout the week.

The NCPP app has lots of exciting features to help you make the most of your conference experience. It is an additional tool to help you network with over 800 of the top professionals in charitable giving.


Questions about the NCPP app? Contact CGP Marketing at or call the office at 317.269.6274 

You can also engage with other NCPP attendees in the CGP Link online community! 


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