Four Essential Elements of a Contact Report

Posted by Craig H. Smith on Sep 5, 2018 7:30:00 AM

I can’t get over the wild and crazy way that many front-line fundraisers are taught to write contact reports, or not taught at all.  They are either cryptic notes without much context – I’ve seen ones that say “had lunch” and nothing more – or they can be novels with ad nauseum and useless detail.

Well written ones stand out!  They make it possible for others who come along to advance relationships without starting over.  Every contact report should include notes about the four essential decisions every donor needs to make:

  • WHY they feel connected to the organization
  • WHAT they are interested in supporting
  • HOW the gift might be funded, including any clues about assets
  • WILL YOU? whatever specific gift decisions and details, with notes on follow-up that may be needed, once a gift commitment is made

By teaching frontline fundraisers how to use a Four Decisions Checklist as a practice tool – an integral part of interactive case study training – you can create the basis for contact reports that reinforce strategy and make next steps crystal clear.  And who wouldn’t like that?

Attend the Collaboration Track session entitled: How Major Gift Officers Become "Super Sleuth" Partners with Gift Planning Professionals to Uncover Bigger Gifts, Blended Gifts and Current Gifts to learn more. You will find lots more information about the conference here. 

Dan Shephard and I look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.


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