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As the Sallie B. and William B. Wallace Chair in Philanthropy at The American College, Phil Cubeta, CLU®, ChFC®, CAP® is responsible for the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® curriculum. Prior to joining The American College, Phil served as Chief of Staff for The Nautilus Group, an elite unit of New York Life serving wealthy clients. Phil has an MA in Literature from Yale, an MA in Philosophy and Psychology from Oxford, and a Masters in Financial Services from the American College. He is a past President of the North Texas Council of Charitable Gift Planners.

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Impact Investing: Gift or Deal?

Posted by Phil Cubeta on Sep 19, 2018 7:30:00 AM

“Doing good” is changing. How will you respond when prospective donors raise these objections?

  • If nonprofits could fix the world, they would have by now.
  • Charities are yesterday’s news, like TV and taxi companies. We want something more like an app. Money in. Impact out.
  • I do impact investing. I don’t give. With impact investing I get results and I make money, too.
  • Volunteer? I organize online with my Twitter feed and followers.
  • Work for you? Why? I can do more good and make more money starting a high impact company or working for one.

As the line between giving and getting blurs, it can become harder to know whether a particular flow of funds into a nonprofit is best characterized as a gift or as an investment. The situation may be particularly acute in, say, a university doing sponsored research in potentially very profitable areas. Consider a hypothetical university which does research into semiconductors. Which of these is a gift? And which is best seen as a business deal?

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