The Journey to a New Brand

Posted by National Association of Charitable Gift Planners on May 2, 2016 9:34:26 AM

Rebranding an organization doesn’t always have to be so serious, it can be fun and exciting, too. At least, that is how I’ve looked at the process thus far.” Sarah Rosenberger, PR & Marketing Manager


While posting about the #PPPrebrand on social media over the past few weeks, I started to reflect on what a journey this has been so far. I can tell you that with each stop along the way, the PPP staff and our agency partner, SmallBox, have become more and more invested in making PPP a better organization. And, we’re not even done yet.

Needless to say, a lot of work goes into a complete rebrand and name change, so I wanted to share a little peek inside our journey to date…

Stop One- Kick Off
It all starts with research, right? For the better part of a year, PPP has been working through a lot of member data, an important starting point for any rebrand. (If you missed the recap of our research finding and what we heard from members, click here to read the update from CEO, Michael Kenyon).

While the research process is never glamorous (in fact, it can be a bit scary if you read the update from our Membership Director, Mollie Toland), it was important for us to listen to what members were saying so we could use that feedback to drive the rebrand and ignite creativity in the sessions to come… like our first planning session where we took PPP through a sort of “identity check-up.”


Stop Two: Creative Brainstorming
From day one, we knew we had our work cut out for us as we started collaborating more with our members and with our branding team at SmallBox.

A few of the early, creative brainstorming sessions included a focus on visual enhancements for the brand, but more importantly, what the member experience would evolve to at PPP with some member mapping (and a whole lot of sticky notes).


large (1).jpg

Stop Three: Communication Planning

A crucial part of our rebrand strategy was to include members along the way, so they could see what was happening at each stop and provide continuous feedback. They are the focus of the organization’s exciting future and are very much driving the change.

Comm image.png

Stop 4: Mid-Rebrand PPP Party

What’s a lot of hard work without a little celebration? Fortunate for us, we were able to take a mid-rebrand re-group to celebrate the future of PPP and what had transpired to date. SmallBox so graciously brought a “pink” themed party to our Downtown Indianapolis Headquarters in honor of our (soon to change) brand colors. Goodbye, pink!

 pink party.png


Stop 5: Website Planning & More Research

Back to work, the journey continued with what I was most excited about and knew to be one of the biggest enhancements for the brand… the new tools and resources! We started focusing in on the new website and member community which involved more member research and a little crafting time on our part.


What’s next?  We’re inching closer to bringing it all together. The new brand, a potential new name, and a new member experience overall.

For now, I’ll continue tweeting and facebooking about the #PPPrebrand process and our journey to a better organization for all professionals in the gift planning community. The future is bright for PPP!

Sarah Rosenberger
PR & Marketing Manager

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