A New CGP Member Benefit

Posted by Philip Purcell on May 15, 2019 2:51:15 PM

Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy
Graduate Certificate (GS) and Master’s Degree (MA) in Philanthropic Studies Scholarships

The National Association of Charitable Gift Planners and the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy have partnered to offer a new member benefit for all CGP members interested in advancing their professional development. CGP members are eligible for a scholarship that can save Indiana residents $250 per class ($3,000 for the master’s degree) and non-residents $500 per class ($6,000 for the master’s degree).

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What is the Solutions Center Anyway?

Posted by Gloria Kermeen on Apr 24, 2019 1:23:38 PM

For every challenge, there are solutions. Find yours here! If you’ve explored the CGP Conference, you may have noticed that we refer to the exhibit hall as the “Solutions Center.” The Solutions Center is the place where attendees gather for breakfast, breaks, receptions, and meetups with vendors and fellow attendees. But it’s also the site of informal learning opportunities you might not have considered.

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Uncertainty Continues Late into Final 2018 Legislative Session

Posted by Perry Wasserman on Dec 19, 2018 2:25:00 PM

From completing work on pending appropriations bills to a landmark overhaul of criminal sentencing laws, the week before Christmas on Capitol Hill will go down as a hectic one, to say the least.  Lawmakers are also trying to make some headway on various tax measures and extend and/or reauthorize a number of important government programs, all against a backdrop of dwindling legislative days and the likely absences of lame-duck lawmakers not coming back next year. 

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What to Watch in November

Posted by Perry Wasserman on Oct 10, 2018 7:30:00 AM

With under one month to go before a historic midterm election, Democrats could take control of the House in 2019 and may even stand an outside chance of gaining power in the Senate.  But, as Republicans in Congress prepare for this potential “blue wave” on November 6th, they have pressed ahead in September on a vast array of matters, making some significant progress on a number of issues following their annual summer break. 

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Impact Investing: Gift or Deal?

Posted by Phil Cubeta on Sep 19, 2018 7:30:00 AM

“Doing good” is changing. How will you respond when prospective donors raise these objections?

  • If nonprofits could fix the world, they would have by now.
  • Charities are yesterday’s news, like TV and taxi companies. We want something more like an app. Money in. Impact out.
  • I do impact investing. I don’t give. With impact investing I get results and I make money, too.
  • Volunteer? I organize online with my Twitter feed and followers.
  • Work for you? Why? I can do more good and make more money starting a high impact company or working for one.

As the line between giving and getting blurs, it can become harder to know whether a particular flow of funds into a nonprofit is best characterized as a gift or as an investment. The situation may be particularly acute in, say, a university doing sponsored research in potentially very profitable areas. Consider a hypothetical university which does research into semiconductors. Which of these is a gift? And which is best seen as a business deal?

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2017 Rising Star is Still Shining: A Conversation with Tiffanie Purvis

Posted by National Association of Charitable Gift Planners on Sep 12, 2018 7:30:00 AM

At CGP Conference in 2017, Tiffanie Purvis received CGP’s first Rising Star Award. She was nominated by her boss at the Southern Poverty Law Center, who characterized her as “not one to sit around idle for even five minutes.” There will be another Rising Star this year, but Tiffanie is still shining in her new position as Assistant Director of Gift Planning at the University of Maryland College Park. We asked her to reflect on her transition from law practice to charitable planning.

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