CGP Partners with the Financial Awareness Foundation for Financial Literacy Month

Posted by National Association of Charitable Gift Planners on Apr 10, 2018 8:00:00 AM


Indianapolis, IN: CGP is partnering with the Financial Awareness Foundation for the 14th annual Financial Literacy Month to bring attention to the epidemic of the growing lack of financial awareness and financial literacy.

The Financial Awareness Foundation through its promotion of National Financial Awareness Month seeks to increase the number of American households with adequate financial and estate planning to better secure their financial future. Across all professions, (including charitable gift planning), the rate of individuals without estate plans is staggering. Over 120 million adults, 50% of our adult population don’t have nor understand the importance of having a financial, estate and gift plan to protect themselves, their assets and family in the event of sickness or when they pass away.

Financial and estate planning is not just for the wealthy. It's important for everyone. With so many people on the verge of running out of money before their life expectancy, people need access to better personal financial management tools and information, to communicate and work more effectively with their financial advisors and to make better informed every day money decisions.

Financial Literacy Month efforts strive to mitigate the lack of financial awareness and financial illiteracy epidemic. Led by The Financial Awareness Foundation, we have the potential to help solve a major social challenge by advancing and contributing to a broad-based, multifaceted movement for improving financial awareness and financial literacy while advancing philanthropy.

There are several activities that organization can do to participate:

1. Place financial and estate planning editorial content into your website, newsletters, social media groups, local newspapers, and radio/television/web-based shows and ads, in support of National Financial Literacy Month and National Estate Planning Awareness Week.

2. Add the "We Support Improving Financial Awareness & Financial Literacy Icon" to your website with this link. 

3. Add an “Improving Financial Awareness & Financial Literacy Page to your website, newsletter, and magazine. This is an excellent opportunity to show your support and to provide your employees, clients, prospects, and members of your community with a great platform to share important financial information.

4. Initiating local community-wide seminars (similar to job fairs) that focus on improving financial awareness and financial literacy.

5. Encouraging groups to host or take part in national webinars built around estate and financial planning during the months of April and October.

6. Circulating financial awareness campaign materials and the Press & Industry Media Kits and Guides found hereto your members, colleagues, associates, and encouraging them to support and participate.


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