Convince the Boss

Posted by Gloria Kermeen on Jul 24, 2019 12:00:22 PM

Interested in attending CGP Conference, but not sure how to convince the boss to approve the trip? Here are some simple steps you can take to prepare your request:

Familiarize yourself with the agenda, the speakers, and the exhibitors. Think about which sessions best address the needs of your organization. Explore the exhibitor list for companies that provide solutions to your organization’s most pressing issues. Create a Session and Exhibit Worksheet to organize and illustrate your thoughts.

Outline your top reasons for attending. Suggestions include:

    1. Finding solutions to top challenges: CGP Conference has education sessions focused on the latest trends in philanthropy, with a variety of options to suit our needs. I will learn how others are tackling issues similar to the ones we face every day. I’ll come home with practical skills and proven methods for improving my performance.
    2. Meet and learn from the experts: CGP Conference speakers and exhibitors are known for their experience and innovation. They are the leaders in this profession, and this is a great opportunity to learn how they stay ahead of the game.
    3. Networking: I’ll make new connections and learn how they overcome challenges. I’ll connect with those I already know and we’ll work together to turn challenges into successes. I’ll meet potential suppliers who can offer the most current solutions to our problems.
    4. Inspiration: To stay relevant in this profession, I’ll learn about the latest trends and how to implement them. I’m sure I’ll come home with fresh new approaches and will share what I’ve learned with our team, so that our entire department can be inspired to succeed.


Know your costs. The cost to attend goes beyond the conference registration fee. Know all the costs involved, and present a realistic budget to the boss. Use our CGP Conference Expense Worksheet as a guideline.

The Pitch: Pick the right time to talk about it, and be enthusiastic – your passion and energy can be contagious! Present specific follow-up objectives and strategies you plan to implement after the conference. Have a plan to share what you have learned. And, put it in writing! Use our sample letter to pull it all together.

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