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CHECKLIST: Six Steps Toward Successful Estate Planning

Your Help is Needed - Take Action Today!

Dealing with the Self-Dealing Rules: How well do you know them?

Fewer, Larger Gifts—It's Not Just US

[Advocacy Update] 114th Congress Comes to a Close and What to Expect from the 115th in the New Year.

Pivoting - The Secret to Successfully Handling Difficult Donor Conversations

CGP Advocacy Update: Post Election Outlook

[Legislative Update] Charitable Giving Bills to Watch

[Advocacy Update] Congress Renews Focus on Tax-Exempt Status of College Endowments

[Advocacy Update] Presidential Candidates Propose Major Changes to Federal Tax Code

Culture Quiz: The Importance of Storytelling

In Memoriam: Russ Howes 1949-2016

[PPP Rebrand] Changing More than Just a Name- Creating Your Professional Home

PPP Summer Advocacy Campaign 2016

Nonprofit Research Collaborative Tracks Upward Trend in Bequests

The Results Are In: A New Name for PPP

Interprofessional Teamwork: Core Competencies for Planned Giving

New Charitable IRA Rollover Legislation Introduced 2016

The Journey to a New Brand

Personalized Philanthropy Across the Disciplines: Planning for High Capacity Clients and Donors

[#PPPrebrand] What We've Learned From Our Members

Forever Change the Way You Plan Trips: Mapping Donor Data

A New Brand for PPP... And, It All Started With You

All You Really Need for Planned Giving You Learned in Kindergarten

BEQUESTS: Where to Find Them and How to Get Them

Nonprofit Research Collaborative Brings News from the Perpetual Campaign

Permanent IRA Charitable Rollover Signed Into Law

Congress Approves Permanent IRA Charitable Rollover

Congress to Advance Permanent Extension of IRA Charitable Rollover

NCPP2015 Highlights--Getting Donors to Act

IRA Charitable Rollover Provision

[Grassroots Alert] IRA Charitable Rollover Provision

If You Do One Thing Right… Go Easy on the Technical Terms in Philanthropic Discussions

Marching Orders: Training Major Gift Officers into a Planned Gift Army

The Summit: 5 NCPP Storytellers You Won’t Want to Miss

[Press Release] The National Conference on Philanthropic Planning Will Feature Its First Ever, Live-Theatre Style Production

Tax "Extenders" Stall, Tax Reform Largely Off The Table

[Advocacy Blog] Senate Finance Committee Approves IRA Charitable Rollover Extension

Senate Finance Committee Approves IRA Charitable Rollover Extension

Tips from Research: Preparing for the Next Recession

Improve Your IQ (Interprofessional Quotient)—Be A Better Communicator

A Must-Read: Steve Meyers on Personalized Philanthropy

Progress Report: Charitable IRA Initiative

Leadership Institute's Spring Story Slam: Case-Based Learning Style Explained

PPP Statement on Tax Reform

If you do just one thing right…listen for what the donor means, not what she says.

Collaboration--Interprofessionality: Roles and Responsibilities

Philanthropy as Family: Words that Work Part II

Philanthropy as Family: Words that Work Part 1

GPP7 Report Finds: Gift Planning’s Glass Ceiling

Amazing Assets: The Impact of One Transformational Gift

Seven Metrics that Move the Needle for Planned Gifts

If you do just one thing right...Don’t ignore your oldest friends

[Legislative Alert] H.R. 5771 IRA Charitable Rollover Update

[Legislative Action Alert] Recent Developments in the House of Representatives

[Legislative Update] IRA Charitable Rollover Extension Passes House

Professional Ethics—Yours, Mine, Ours

"Plannual" Giving--Ultimate Integration in the Development Shop

A High Point in Anaheim (that’s not a roller coaster)

If You Do Just One Thing Right – Creating an Environment of Appreciation for Your Principal Gift Donors

[Legislative Update] August Recess & Outlook for Remainder of Year

Blended Or Just Stirred? Exploring More Meaningful Gifts

[Advocacy Update] House Approves H.R. 4719, The America Gives More Act

If You Do Just One Thing Right—Accepting Gifts of Life Insurance

[Storify] 2014 Council Summit Highlights- Social Media Style

[Press Release] Partnership for Philanthropic Planning Elects 2015 National Board Members

Growing Legacy Giving Through Trustee Engagement

Philanthropy leader King McGlaughon passes away at 62

House Committee Advances Permanent Extension of IRA Charitable Rollover, Other Charity Provisions

Fate of Extenders Package Remains Uncertain

Key Senate Committee Advances IRA Charitable Rollover Extension

NRC Nonprofit Fundraising Survey Now Available

Ways & Means Chairman Unveils Major Re-write of Tax Code, Includes Limit on Charitable Deduction and Other Provisions Affecting Nonprofit Community

Which one are you?

At the keyboard, or at the table?

So What Does the Future Hold?

33 Senators Sign Wyden/Thune Letter on Charitable Deduction

The Perpetual Campaign

Action Possible on Extenders Package

Tax Reform Discussions to Continue

Are Planned Giving Representatives Incubating Dodo Birds?

Timetable for Tax Reform Pushed Back

PPP on Capitol Hill for Protect Giving Day

Leadership Institute on CRTs and the Future of Gift Planning

Letters to a Young Gift Planner

2013 NCPP Wraps Up

2013 NCPP via Storify

National Estate Planning Awareness Week

Happy NEPAW! Hug an Estate Planner!

Update on Charitable Deduction

Skipping to the Last Chapter

What Donors Actually Did—And How They Did It

Why We Must Educate About The Charitable Tax Deduction

Shake Up at the Epicenter of Philanthropy

Summer Advocacy Campaign

Weathering the Storm through Philanthropic Climate Change