Forever Change the Way You Plan Trips: Mapping Donor Data

Posted by National Association of Charitable Gift Planners on Mar 24, 2016 3:18:30 PM



Mapping tools are a great way to import donor information from your donor databases and leverage those data points when designing a travel route and communicating with several prospects. If you’re on the hunt for mapping software to track donor visits and plan efficient travel, you’ll find recommendations made by charitable gift planning professionals in a PPP discussion forum.

In a recent thread on the topic, several professionals shared their favorites and told how these tools help streamline what can otherwise be a scattered process. The products mentioned include:

For detailed advice on navigating donor visits, read Katherine McKay’s paper, Forever Change the Way You Plan Trips: Mapping Donor Data, from the 2012 National Conference on Philanthropic Planning (featured below).

In it, Katherine explores “VisitMapping,” a process for developing a sophisticated understanding of donor territory that is compatible with several mapping software platforms. Her goal, and the goal of many of the tools available, is to save time and make the most of each trip.

Fundraisers always want to be assured that they are connecting with the right people at the right time. Success depends on the ability to manage and access pertinent donor information, prioritize calls and visits, and navigate sizable geographic spaces. With so many layered decisions to make, it’s great to learn from the experience of PPP colleagues!

What tools are you using to map donor visits? Share your recommendations in the comments.

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