2016 Conference Papers Now Available in CGP Link

Posted by National Association of Charitable Gift Planners on Sep 13, 2017 7:30:00 AM

Thirty new resources just hit CGP Link, the online community for CGP members. Each year, as the National Conference on Philanthropic Planning approaches, we release papers from the previous year. Whether or not you attended the 2016 conference, you can type NCPP2016 in the Resources search field to study up on innovations and best practices shared by a great group of presenters.

Among other things, you’ll learn…

How to help your donors or clients make the best use of their donor advised funds or supporting organizations without running afoul of the regulations on these funds. (“Why Donor Advised Funds and Supporting Organizations are a Gift Planner’s Friend,” Wendy Chou and Brigit Kavanagh)

How the right metrics, incentives and training opportunities can create an army of frontline development officers who skilled enough to discuss and close blended gifts. (“How to Train Your DO: Deploy an Army of Skilled Gift Planners,” Katherine Kotlarczyk)

A checklist of steps to take when your donor wants to use real property to fund a charitable gift annuity. (“Lessons Learned: Gifts of Real Property,” Nancy Wiltgen)

How to legally change the purpose of a previously made gift, so the money can be released for a different use. (“On Second Thought: Changing the Purpose of Yesterday’s Gifts,” Barbara Rhomberg)

How to help blended families reach their charitable goals and avoid disputes among beneficiaries. (“Planned Giving 2030: A Philanthropic Solution for Baby Boomers,” Paul Caspersen)

Thirteen questions to ask your donor that will help you assess whether her closely-held business is appropriate for charitable giving. (“Closely Held Businesses: Gift Planning Opportunities Await,” Keith Cook and Mike Degenhart)

How to clear up seven common misconceptions that donors may have about the investment performance of their charitable gifts, including confusion about the “best” payout rate from a CRUT. (“Donor Dreams, Investment Realities: How Communicating with Donors Can Prevent Disappointment,” Sally Rubin and Crystal Thompkins)

To find these and many other papers, log in to CGP Link and type NCPP2016 in any search field to see all papers from last year’s conference. Papers from earlier conferences are also online. You can use a similar keyword to find papers from NCPP2009 through NCPP2015. For assistance locating them, contact Barbara Yeager at byeager@charitablegiftplanners.org.

Whenever you find a resource that is especially useful, be sure to leave a note in the Resource Comments field to help others find it. And remember that many speakers are CGP members. If you have questions about a paper, click Members in CGP Link and search for the author, then click Send Message to contact him or her.


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