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Posted by National Association of Charitable Gift Planners on Jun 25, 2014 11:41:27 AM

2014 Council Summit

Leaders of Partnership for Philanthropic Planning member councils met in Indianapolis for the 2014 Annual Meeting & Council Summit to connect volunteers from across the nation for leadership development, council strategy and education and networking.

Indianapolis was proud to welcome council leaders from across the US for the 2014 Council Summit!

There was a lot of anticipation for what would become an amazing event!

VikkiJones8Vikki Jones, CFRE@VikkiJones8 Three days until @PPPphilanthropy Council Summit in Indianapolis. @PPGGNY will be in the house. Mon, Jun 09 2014 12:33:59

PPPphilanthropyPPP@PPPphilanthropy Looking forward to #CouncilSummit! @jackeyer @Developmentstar @TenaYatroussis1 @jpcapurso @jkellerhouse @VikkiJones8 @kimberlylauth   Wed, Jun 11 2014 20:15:05

jkellerhouseJames Kellerhouse @jkellerhouse @PPPphilanthropy looking forward to a great summit. Thanks for the shout out! #philanthropy #giftplannersunite Wed, Jun 11 2014 20:17:04

Twitter / VikkiJones8: @PPPphilanthropy Council Summit ...Twitter / VikkiJones8: @PPPphilanthropy Council Summit ...VikkiJones8@VikkiJones8  Mon, Jun 23 2014 18:57:05

The weather, however, delayed quite a few travelers to the circle city.

VikkiJones8Vikki Jones, CFRE@VikkiJones8 @KmortonMorton and I met while Burning 45 minutes of fuel on our on way to #councilsummit @PPPphilanthropy
 Wed, Jun 11 2014 20:43:26

jackeyerJack Eyer@jackeyer @PPPphilanthropy @Developmentstar @TenaYatroussis1 @jpcapurso @jkellerhouse should be fun times! unfortunately, stuck in miami till 7:30pm Wed, Jun 11 2014 20:17:16

The welcome reception was the start of new connections, collaboration and fun over the next few days.


Twitter / VikkiJones8: #councilsummit @PPPphilanthropy ...Twitter / VikkiJones8: #councilsummit @PPPphilanthropy ...VikkiJones8@VikkiJones8 Mon, Jun 23 2014 19:01:11

President, Jay Steenhuysen, opened up the annual business meeting where new board members were elected for 2015.

Twitter / VikkiJones8: @PenteraInc Surprise! ...Twitter / VikkiJones8: @PenteraInc Surprise! ...VikkiJones8@VikkiJones8  Mon, Jun 23 2014 18:56:45

The Gamestorming and Open Source sessions were a hit! Attendees were able to submit their own questions and drive conversation around real issues facing their councils.

Twitter / PPPphilanthropy: Open source meeting styles ...Twitter / PPPphilanthropy: Open source meeting styles ...PPPphilanthropy@PPPphilanthropy Mon, Jun 23 2014 18:54:54

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